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[When Fuuko wakes up today, it's hard for her to ignore just how quiet the house is. Normally she would see Kotomi around when she got up so the two of them could eat breakfast together. When the minutes continue to pass and her housemate had still yet to make an appearance, Fuuko knocks on Kotomi's door and peers inside. She calls out Kotomi's name into the room, only to soon realise what was going on.

Fuuko spends the morning just walking around her large and now empty house. She has her journal in her arms and held close to her chest, with the intention of using it to tell everyone about Kotomi at some point. But for now Fuuko wants a little time to herself, so she can think about what to do next and what to do about the house.]


[Around midday, Fuuko settles down in the living room on one of the couches and opens her journal.]

Kotomi Ichinose, Kotomi-chan, has gone home. Fuuko is sure she had plenty of friends who weren't bullies or weird guys, so Fuuko thought it would be better if everyone found out now rather than finding out at some other awful time.

[Though she starts her message looking at the journal, Fuuko soon starts looking away as though she's concentrating on something else.]

Fuuko thinks she didn't leave anything behind, in fact, Fuuko is positive of this.

[She was expecting to be more upset than this. For a moment she wonders if she's just getting used to making these sorts of messages, after having announced Nagisa, Tomoya and a few of her other friends and family went home in the past. With a sigh to herself, Fuuko turns her attention back to the journal .]

Kotomi-chan is a really kind, really intelligent person. She taught Fuuko a lot about the starfish you know. Fuuko is sure that Kotomi-chan will be very happy back home with Nagisa-san and Okazaki-san.


[After making her message over the journals, Fuuko heads out to the tea shop to get some work done. As tempting as it was for her to just stay home and keep inside for the rest of the day, the tea shop seemed like a good way to get her mind off of things for a little while. Though she's work as well as she normally does it's easy to notice how distracted Fuuko seems. Whenever she's not carrying out cups or cleaning up she can be seen staring off into space and otherwise keeping to herself unless someone needs her.]
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Fuuko is about to ask a question. It's an important one, no, Fuuko is absolutely positive that it's a very important one, a question so important that Fuuko should have asked it sooner but it was much too weird for Fuuko to handle before now!

[A quick bit of writing later and 'MAGIC' appears in the journal, circled a few times with an arrow pointing to it. There's really no missing it.]

Please tell Fuuko about magic!

[Though her reasons for wanting to learn are all over the place, ranging from 'wanting to help out more' to 'creating her own starfish heat', she's still very serious about learning more about this magic stuff. Her expression captured on the journal is nothing less than that right now.]

All Fuuko knows about magic is a little information on the spirits which Fuuko learnt in school, but Fuuko doesn't know enough about their personalities to know how to go about contacting them just like that! They might not even like the starfish, how horrible. Maybe Fuuko could make an appointment with one... If you intend to tell Fuuko about any kind of magic Fuuko can learn that isn't too weird then thank you very much!

[She had to include something about it being too weird. Simple stuff is fine, she's not looking to conjure dark things or flip skirts or whatever else 'weird' magic might be used for.

Later in the day after asking her question, Fuuko can be found in the tea shop. If you come in today you might end up getting Fuuko as your server. Don't be surprised if she tries to recommend to you the starfish tea. While she's not serving or talking to anyone, Fuuko will have a walkman clipped to her clothes and a pair of headphones over her ears. If you're close enough you might be able to hear part of what she's listening to.]
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[Things sure are a lot mistier around here than she remembers... There are also a lot more bats and rats around, these certainly weren't here before. Then again, given the time of year, Fuuko is just happy that the moon isn't crashing into anything.

Having been returned from her kidnapping Fuuko first heads to the clinic to check on things there. At first she's surprised when she looks around and can't find herself, her body. The surprise gives way to happiness soon enough though, leading to Fuuko running as fast as her legs can carry her back home.

She's practically runs into the front door in her excitement and quickly heads to Nagisa's room. This is it, she can say hello to Nagisa not as the girl she met in Luceti, but as the best friend she had helping her through all the rough times back home. The only problem is Nagisa isn't here, or anywhere. Her room is completely bare save for a few gifts left behind on the bed, including letters addressed to her and Kotomi.

"It's been a pleasure getting to know you here in Luceti, Fuu-chan. I'm really, really happy that we ended up rooming together, because you ended up becoming one of my best friends here, as well as anywhere else! I'm sad that I won't be able to spend more time with you, but I'm sure we'll be able to see each other again in Hikarizaka. We do go to the same school, after all! Even if I may not remember you there, though, I'm positive that we'll become friends again."

... No, that won't happen. Back home was different. It was here in the village that Fuuko had the chance to do everything with Nagisa. That just isn't possible back home, no matter how much she might want it to be.

Fuuko ends up holding the letter tightly in her hands while she sits on Nagisa's bed, amongst all the different dangos and presents she left behind. She's not crying, it's hard not to, but she refuses to cry. Right now she only wants to be alone.]

[Later, when Fuuko feels as though she's up to it, she finds her journal and opens it up to speak.]

Nagisa Furukawa has gone back to Hikarizaka. [...] She left lots of wonderful things for her friends, so please come and collect them. Fuuko thinks that Nagisa-san would be very happy if all of the dangos she left went to good homes.

[And that's it. She leaves the journal open in case anyone wants to ask about Nagisa. Anyone that might decide to wait a moment before replying may be able to hear Fuuko whispering Nagisa's name to herself and sighing.]
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[So far with the way things are around the village at the moment, Fuuko has been doing a pretty good job of avoiding all the weird and wonderful things that have been popping up, save for someone creeping into her bedroom and getting into bed with her during the night but it could always be worse. And oh boy is it about to get worse.

Having gotten out of bed and stepped out of her bedroom, Fuuko has found herself transported to the beach along with her journal. An annoyance to some, sure, seeing as she's out on the sand in her pajamas, but to Fuuko the timing couldn't have been better. Right now, sitting on the shore, are three starfish. What's more these three starfish are engaged in an incredibly polite conversation with each other...]

I say, the water over here is most divine, don't you agree?

Oh my, heavens no! The water over that way is much better, far warmer.

Which way? I can't tell where you're pointing!

This way, see, in the direction of those particularly lovely looking rocks. Can't you see my arm?

You have five arms you blithering idiot!

[About water. And rocks. Clearly these starfish are at the height of a perfect conversation. Fuuko isn't too bothered about what it is they're talking about however, she's more interested in the fact there are talking starfish right in front of her.]

Hwaaaaah~! The starfish are so adorable! Those cute little guys, just look at all the starfish! Eheeeh~!

[Whilst Fuuko zones out the starfish decide to stand up and hop off along the beach. Too bad Fuuko missed the chance to see walking, talking starfish.

Whilst Fuuko goes on and on in her trance about the starfish little does she know her journal is capturing everything she says. What's more the journal might make it seem like Fuuko isn't talking about starfish at all but something much worse, or weirder, or anything!]

(Pick a word, any word, to replace 'starfish' with in Fuuko's replies. Have fun embarrassing and freaking the poor girl out by asking her why she thinks the Malnosso are so adorable, or certain people, items, anything you like. For example if you picked 'bear' then Fuuko's message will come out as 'The bears are so adorable!' and so on with all other replies she makes to your character about the starfish. Watch out though as Fuuko will hear the same word you picked whenever your character says 'starfish' too.)
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[The bright sun, blue sky, even the odd cloud dotted here and there. Whoever is holding the journal is doing a pretty good job of capturing the good weather right now.]

After all the rain and wind last week it's this sort of sunshine that really makes Fuuko think of summer.

[The journal soon pulls back to show that the sky is being recorded through a massive hole in the roof of one of house 26's upstairs bedrooms.]

However Fuuko really does not want to enjoy summer whilst still being inside like this! Most of the water has dried away or has been mopped up but this thing is still here! Even if Fuuko was low on money and couldn't afford AC this would be a very extreme solution. And even then money isn't a problem so why is this hole still here?!

[Normally these things see to themselves, but nope. Still a hole. The bedroom is still a complete wreck too, with debris and bits of glass and the door frame scattered about all over.]

If anyone knows anything about fixing things like this then Fuuko would appreciate a little of your time. Fuuko will even prepare something to give to your for your trouble, something very delicious!

[Oh, and quickly adding in at the end--]

Also, Fuuko hopes everyone who went into space returned home safely! If you all want something delicious too then please come to house 26, there's going to be more than enough for anyone who wants some. Fuuko will make sure of that!


[The 'something very delicious' Fuuko was referring to is starfish shaped bread. Giant loaves of it. There's only so much of the stuff she can make before she needs more ingredients though so she's out around the village to pick up some more.

... But she couldn't just leave all the bread she had recently baked alone in the house. Even if Kotomi and Nagisa are there who knows what could come through that hole in the roof! As such, Fuuko is carrying a bag of freshly baked starfish bread around with her. Don't you just love the smell of bread that's just come out of the oven? It's still a little warm too!]
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Waking up, this isn't my cupboard... )


Excuse me, Master? I'm sorry to bother you but I'm in some strange house I'm not familiar with. If I head outside and start heading home now then please keep an eye out for me and open the door once I'm back. I'll be sure to make some tea as soon as I'm there so don't worry!

[That was an awful lot of first person there. If she's going to talk to the Master then there's no room for throwing childish third person speech around.]


[As she said Fuuko will be attempting to find her way home by hopping through the village towards house seventeen. She'll also be pushing her journal along the ground with her so the Master doesn't have to go back and get it for her later. A difficult challenge for a teacup, yes, but she's getting there!]

Ugh, why did Fuuko's journal have to be taken all the way out here too? The Master will be angry if Fuuko is gone for too long.

[Just complaining to herself, don't mind the talking teacup. Oh, actually, do mind the talking teacup. Being stepped on or knocked over isn't something Fuuko enjoys.

OOC - Fuuko is now a maid-turned-teacup and is a servant to the Master/Beast! AU info is over here.]
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[Over the past few days the house had been steadily getting quieter. It wasn't hard to miss either, given the variety of people in their household, but it really had become too noticeable to bear without saying anything.

Sunohara had left some time ago, which was a shame. Then Yusuke, her own brother-in-law who remembered everything about her. But today, Tomoya had gone home. Fuuko stands sadly in the doorway to his room before walking out into the living room to open her journal.]

This is what you do when people you know have gone home, right? [...] Okazaki-san has gone home. Also to anyone who knew him, Yusuke left too... And Sunohara-san, but he left some time back now.

[Not intentionally left to the last moment there, but she's just winging this and going with what names come to her first. Sorry Sunohara.

Fuuko spends the rest of the morning just lounging around the house, not really in the mood to do anything. Heading into the afternoon, Fuuko gathers some supplies and decides to carve some starfish out by the fountain in the plaza. Despite the wind she sits there and finishes five or six of the stars before going home again.]
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[Where did all these people suddenly come from? Was this a thing that happens in January, lots of people showing up out of nowhere? They're not all New Feathers, so where had they all come from? ...Some sort of alternate universe?!

Who even knows. Walking around the plaza, holding on tight to one of her little starfish carvings and watching the masses of people around her. Maybe there's someone here who she knows or remembers from home?]

If there's anyone here from Hikarizawa then Fuuko would like to say hello!
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[It had taken her some time, a little heavy lifting and an awful lot of reading up on taking care of fish and sea life in the library, but it's finished. Room twelve in community building three now has a fully functioning fish tank! There's a hanging filter happily bubbling away into the water of the pretty bare looking tank. Fuuko had wanted to go down to the beach and find a few shells and what not but it's really cold, so for now the tank only has some gravel along the bottom and a rock or two in it.

As the journal comes into focus it's possible to notice something in the tank past the gravel and rocks. In fact if you can't notice it you must need your eyesight checked as Fuuko currently has the journal pushed right up against the glass of the tank.

The most adorable of adorable starfish is inside, laying on top of one of the rocks. Yes, a real live starfish. Fuuko couldn't believe it either. A real live starfish! It needs repeating, okay, it's a real a starfish. REAL. Many a trance came and went when she first unwrapped the jar containing the little guy.

Having kept the journal on for a minute or so in silence whilst she shows off her new pet, Fuuko speaks up.]

Fuuko cannot thank whoever gave Fuuko such a gift this Christmas time enough! Had Fuuko been able to find a tank and supplies sooner then rest assured, Fuuko would have thanked whoever-you-are long ago!

[Turning the journal towards her face which has a giant smile plastered all over it, because hey, guess what guys, it's a real starfish. And it's her pet! Aaah!]

Fuuko has even decided to keep the jar that-- Oh, Fuuko still needs to think of a name... But Fuuko is keeping the jar he came in as a memento of this wonderful present even in his nameless state! [Giving the journal a wave she starts closing the journal-- But wait, ooone more thing.] Fuuko almost forgot to mention the Starfish Festival seeing as all Fuuko can think of right now is this cute little guy. It'll probably be in April sometime, though there's no definite date yet. Just letting you all know!
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[The video opens to show Fuuko scribbling away at a piece of paper on the table of her apartment. Stopping for a moment to admire what she has drawn... Then switching to a coloured crayon and continuing.]

Now Kotomi-san is here that means Fuuko should add another one. One for Daisy-san too.

[She seems to be talking to herself as she draws and colours in a little more. A minute or so later, Fuuko holds up her work for the journals to see. Seems as though she was working on a 'Get Well Soon' card. Moving the card away from the journal, Fuuko starts speaking in a very hushed tone.]

Fuuko made this to give Nagisa-san. If you know Nagisa-san and want her to get better even sooner then Fuuko insists you sign this card! Even if you don't know her you should sign it anyway! Fuuko can probably draw some starfish on the back... Fuuko is being quiet so not to disturb Nagisa-san!

[She stands up and leaves the card on a table, moving into her room for a moment to fetch a scarf, mittens and other warm clothing before returning.]

Fuuko will be waiting by the fountain in the plaza if you want to come and write Nagisa-san a message... And don't forget about the Starfish Festival!! Fuuko intends to make it one of the best festivals this place has ever seen!

Fuuko is going out for a moment Nagisa-san!! [Picking up the card and the journal, leaving it open as she makes her way over to the plaza.]


[Like she said, Fuuko will be standing out by the fountain with the card in her hands. She's also brought along a bunch of coloured crayons for people to write in the card with if they would like to.]

(Interpret my Fuuko's terrible drawings of dangos how you like. A few them could look like anyone, so feel free to take them however you want to.)
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[Fuuko is making a trip to the item shop today to look for a certain something. It wasn't here when she arrived, and honestly it's been bugging her for some time now. Having her little bag of starfish is all fine and dandy, but there's something else that would make everything just perfect. So here she is, rummaging away... Rummaging... Rummaging--

Oh. It's here. How long has it been here for? She doesn't know. She might well have missed it when she first came here and looked for her starfish. But that doesn't matter now. Fuuko has her party hat. Everything is now amazing.

Fuuko will then spend the rest of her morning out by the fountain in the plaza, carving more starfish. On one side of her is a few blocks of wood, on the other side are one or two completed stars and on her head is a green and orange striped party hat with a white bobble on the end. Her expression during this is nothing short of pretty damn happy.]


Fuuko has a question for everyone! [If you think she's going to ask about starfish then you're wrong. She's realised not everyone understands the appeal of the starfish and is instead taking a more roundabout approach to things.] What do you think about festivals? Fuuko would like to hold a festival someday. As such, Fuuko would like to hear about your festival experiences!

Also! If you received a starfish from Fuuko during that weird experiment then you better take really good care of it, ok?! The starfish deserve good homes!! [And it all comes back to starfish in the end anyway. Good job Fuuko.]
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[Action | Locked to Batman]

[As is usual this time in the year, another new feather has arrived. Same white attire they always seem to appear in, same journal all the new Luceti inhabitants are provided with too. However the only difference is this arrival isn't awake to witness anything.

Appearing about 180.ft above the ocean, a young girl is falling into the water below. Her eyes are closed and she isn't moving in the slightest, past the movement caused from going into free fall.

She's falling in such a way where her impact with the water won't be fatal, however if she's not tended to soon after she will more than likely drown. Luckily, she seems to be landing not too far from the shore, certainly within swimming distance...]

[Action | Open]

[Meanwhile, in the plaza, a young girl with green hair is running about frantically. By the white clothing she has on, it's pretty easy to tell she's a new feather. In her mad running about she gives off the impression of a startled animal, her eyes darting left and right as she tries to work out where she is. After a few moments of running around, she stops and suddenly shouts out loudly--]

What sort of alternate universe is this?!
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